Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Fortune Teller

The Fortune Teller ©2013 - Last September I attended an antiques show at the Hunterdon County fairgrounds in Amwell Township, NJ.  When leaving the show after a lovely afternoon of browsing for treasures, I happened across an interesting looking yardsale while heading down the road to Lambertville for dinner.  While perusing the sale, a building on the property with lots of texture and peeling paint caught my eye so I asked the owner if she would mind if I took some photographs.  She was extremely gracious, telling me it was an old garage badly in need of a coat of paint, but I could take all the photos I wanted.  She even moved her car and several other items out of the way to give me more room to shoot!  As often happens, the images were filed away until recently when the pieces of a composition came together in my head.  The vintage photo of the gypsy from my collection seemed to echo the mood of the building with the odd emblem attached to the door.  The crocodile I found a couple of months before on someone's front lawn in Lambertville and my curious backyard blackbirds completed "The Fortune Teller".

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