Tuesday, March 3, 2009

In the beginning

Hi and welcome to my little corner of the blog world. I'm new to this so bear with me as I find my way around. The purpose and main focus of this blog is art (since that is what I do!) and the direction and focus of my own creative path at the moment. I won't bore you with my life story except to say I've been interested and involved in art in some form since I was a child (which was way too long ago!). I've been drawing and painting since then but in the last few years have focused on photography and digital art. I work in photoshop and corel painter and am constantly amazed at what is now possible with these two art tools. I am often bothered by how quickly some critics dismiss digital as "not real art" instead of seeing it as just another tool in the creative process. If you love art, every new avenue should be embraced and explored. How else can we move forward and discover whole new worlds of possibilities that weren't available before? After all, in the end it's the artist that does the creating, not the tool. Well, enough of my soapbox for now. I'll be posting some samples of what I've been working on lately. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Congrats on the new blog....looking forward to reading what you are up to! I will put you on my blog roll.

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  3. oh baby oh baby ! you have a secret fan about the planet ... play chicken wing for me...