Monday, July 29, 2013

The Locket

The Locket ©2013 - I picked up the pitcher in this piece a couple of months ago at a local estate sale with the intent on using it in a possible still life.  I was attracted by the wonderful texture created by the tarnish and wearing away of the silver plate.  Looking around my house, the next addition was a vintage solid metal banjo ukelele produced by the "Dixie" company circa 1930's.  Having been born in Georgia, the "Dixie" name prompted memories of my sister, Amy who was still living there when she passed away from cancer in 2003.  I purchased the little box the pitcher is on during one of our last antique shopping trips together.  The locket was my last Christmas present to her and contains both our photos.  The beautiful crow I captured on a recent trip to Princeton, NJ and knowing how they love shiny objects, thought he would be perfect to hold the chain.  The background texture from my basement floor and the fruit for just a touch of warm color completed "The Locket".

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Interview in Courier News regarding Pearl Street Gallery Exhibit!

I was recently interviewed about my work in the Pearl Street Gallery for a local New Jersey newspaper, The Courier News.  Ralph Bellantoni, a very talented journalist, did a wonderful job and I was very flattered by his article which you can read here:   CLICK ON ARTICLE TO ENLARGE